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On The Wagon … Again

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So it’s been ages since I’ve posted to this blog, and I have plenty of excuses. Don’t we always? Here’s mine:

Life got in the way.
My husband started a new company. That was stressful but exciting.
I took a job promoting and marketing events at an awesome local museum, and caterers plied me with food at every wedding, graduation, or corporate function I hosted.
I quit that job and started a new company – way cool new company that garnered trips to San Francisco and New York City and invites to be a guest speaker … and eats up most of my time, leaving me less time to focus on diet. And, of course, I started a blog for my new company, too.
My oldest kid (and my only daughter) moved out. And as happy as I am for her, I miss her like crazy some days.
My oldest son graduated from high school and started college.
My youngest kid broke his leg. Really broke his leg, like foot-flopped-up-by-his-chin broken. Like needs-waited-on-hand-and-foot-for-weeks broken. And months later, even after the surgeon says he’s all healed, the mama in me freaks out when he jumps off the last three stairs.
I got diagnosed as borderline hypothyroid. And I discovered I have Celiac Disease. I felt really sorry for myself, so I decided to blog about it, too, so it wouldn’t seem like such a bad thing and to connect with others. I even did a dorky YouTube video cooking gluten-free Paella.
My dog died. Well, she wasn’t my dog, per se, but she spent all day with me when everyone else was gone. I fed her droppers of water for her last two days and cried for two weeks before my oldest son took matters into his own hands and brought home a new puppy. The new puppy now weighs 80 pounds and is naughty. But I like him – even if he uses my baby pomegranate tree as his personal chew toy.

But in the end, they all chalk up to excuses. I don’t handle stress well, and when I get stressed I eat. The past three years have probably been the most stressful of my life (haven’t they been for most of us?), and I’ve eaten my way through each new stressor I’ve faced.

And that brings me to today.

I’m back on the wagon. Again. I do not want to spend the rest of my life with the fat lady in the mirror telling me I can’t handle life without some processed sugar in my system.

If you’ve started a new diet or exercise program, I hope you’ll join me as I journey to a healthier, svelter self.


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  1. this diet thing has been a roller coaster that ive been on for the past i don’t know 20 years?? still a work in prgress..-i-like you eat when i get stressed and food is comforting..they say it’s not rocket science–eat less and excercise more. soo hard though! good luck can do it! i will keep at also 🙂

    Comment by kamila | January 12, 2012 | Reply

    • Thanks, Kamila. You’ve definitely had more success! 🙂 I finally just decided that it didn’t matter how much other stress I have in my life, I can’t wait for the storm to pass to address my health. So, here’s to Day 1 (round 4 or 5?)

      Comment by Lisa | January 12, 2012 | Reply

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