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Having An ‘Appy Time Losing Weight

So the last time I was really serious about dieting, an “app” was something you filled out to get a job. This time around, there are a multitude of diet apps out there to help you do everything from track your weight to imagine what you’d look like even fatter (like we don’t already do that to ourselves every time we look in the mirror).

And, you know – I’ve found I actually like using apps to help me stay focused and quickly determine whether I should eat a certain food. I love the Weight Watcher’s barcode scanner app, except it rarely recognizes any of the regional foods I buy – salsa, red chile, tamales. But I’d like the app better if it was a bit more aggressive with me. When I scan the code for a pre-packaged gluten-free donut, I’d like a message to pop up and say, “You idiot. You’re on a diet. Of COURSE you can’t afford a donut. Besides, do you really think some frozen disc soaked in sugar and filled with more sugar is really going to mask the taste of the nasty flour they had to use to make it gluten-free? Save up your calories for a decent splurge, why don’t you?”

I’m also using an app to track my food. Before, I hated tracking calories. It’s like I’m suddenly 23 again, living on my own for the first time and counting pennies at the end of the month to make the rent. I’m not starting out anymore; I’m supposed to be at the point in life where I’m able to afford some splurges without tracking the pennies. So somehow, when I have to start tracking the calories, it makes me feel like that little girl again, inexperienced and wet behind the ears.

But put an app on my phone with a fun little wheel where I can spin it around to the right serving size, and I’m all in with both feet. I measure out my cereal and milk and open the app on my iPhone while I’m slurping down breakfast, more than happy to track my food. I log every glass of water. And I’m drinking more water so I can use the app again. I even log my exercise while I’m pedaling away at the gym. In fact, I’ve found it’s a bit addictive. I like it so much, I’m beginning to look for excuses to open the app. Am I hungry yet? Maybe I am. I might be. Should I eat again? I wonder if I could afford 6 corn chips. I wonder if I could afford a scoop of chocolate ice cream? You know, I think I AM hungry again. I’ll eat something so I can track it. If I’m not careful, I’m going track myself right into gaining weight.

But among all the apps I’ve downloaded thus far, none have really done what I want. I want an app that makes me laugh when my head is feeling fuzzy from hunger. I want a story that inspires me to keep going when I wonder if life wouldn’t be easier if I just quit trying to lose weight and accept the fat lady in the mirror. I want a fun app – not just a functional app.

In fact, I’m toying with the idea of making one. If you could have a fun weight loss app – not one for tracking weight or measuring waistlines or counting minutes on a treadmill – but a fun app that made you happy about this new journey to a new, healthier you, what would you like to see in it? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Who knows – I may be inspired enough to go make one for us so we can have fun while we’re losing weight.


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  1. I have to say we are a little more “appy” these days and yes tracking what we eat is a bit easier than lugging around the little WW tracker. I like when I can look back and had a great week and I often want to cry when I see that I splurged way too much on one particular day. I own those days but like you it would be nice to have an app that truly rewarded us or felt more like me when I step on the scale.

    Comment by Tammy | January 27, 2012 | Reply

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